Crested Butte, Explosive Fall Colors


Photo: Chris Segal

Visiting the meadows, ridges and peaks of Crested Butte in the Fall offers many opportunities for one’s optical delights. Crested Butte’s accolade as the Wildflower Capital of Colorado still holds true, even as winter approaches. The famed fields of summer wildflowers are going to seed. However a closer look around reveals bursts of colors.


Fringed Gentian, Gentianopsis detonsa


Little Gentian, Gentianella amarella

The Gentian wildflowers blanket areas around town to Alpine zones announcing that fall has arrived in Crested Butte. Colors range from the deep blues to Fringed and Bottle Gentians, lavender-colored Little Gentian and special finds of Arctic Gentian with cream petals streaked with purple.


Arctic Gentian, Gentiana algida


Bottle Gentian, Gentiana parryi

The Quaking Aspen groves give a visual show with the dominant color of brilliant yellow-gold foliage. Other groups offer contrasting shadows of reds and oranges. Some of the Aspen groves may remain green late into the season only to turn to their natural beautiful colors giving one last show. This is in part due to the fact that Aspens can spread by underground stems. Each Aspen tree in a grove is connected by these specialized reproductive plant parts called rhizomes. The essential outcome is unique groves of Aspens. These clones are genetically identical. Although an individual Aspen tree may be considered short-lived, groves may live for several centuries.


Photo: Chris Segal

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Blogger: Rick Reavis, Chairman of the Crested Butte Wildflower Festival Board.

How Can A Decade Change Crested Butte?

I wonder what people think, the first time they drive into the valley. When they first come around the bend at Red Mountain and the Paradise Divide opens up in front; Wheststone to the left and the mother rock on the right, lone and proud. Even Teocalli peaks its head out for a few moments farther down the road. Do people realize they have reached paradise?

The first time I drove into the valley of Crested Butte in June 2004, it was dark out and raining. I was ten, and the only thing I do remember was sliding out of the rental car for a late night dinner at Harry’s Fine Dining…. Welcome to Crested Butte! Eat at Harry’s! By October of that year I was the new 5th grader at the Crested Butte Community School. Shout out to local old timer Nettie Kapushion, my first teacher, and also Dakota Roark for cheating off my spelling test on my first day. That was when the school was half the size that it is now and the classes were two times as small.

Those were the days when people still called the Red Lady Lift the ‘Keystone Lift.’ When Pitas in Paradise was where The Sunflower is now and when there was still a T-Bar on Buckley. Things sure have changed over the past ten years. I’ve watched the Gothic Building go down and the Brick Oven building go up. I’ve seen people come and go, but most of all, I’ve seen how Crested Butte has prospered.


Keystone Lift and base area

Our first big national TV coverage was when Good Morning America came to CB to film a holiday special. It was a big deal. People packed onto Elk for the ‘lighting of the Christmas Tree’, feeling giddy and trying to get the attention of the camera man. Try as we might, I would say that since then it has been Jingles El GatoPerro who has stolen the limelight on television.

The 2007 – 2008 epic powder year took the ski world by storm, literally, with 418 inches of snowfall. It was the best winter of my life and I’m not the only one to say that. Our rankings went up in every ski magazine. In 2010, I became interested in politics, when the town council broke a tied election with a duel of “Ninja-Bear-Cowboy,” classic. The rest of the word called us crazy, the Huffington Post called it “embracing our Western Heritage.”


Winter 2007 - 2008 

When the USA Pro Challenge came to Crested Butte for the first time in 2011, people saw us from around the world. They got a kick out of our costumes and street paint and the cowboys on their horses, racing the bikers through the valley. Who would have guessed that last year we would be crowned the winners of Powder Magazines Ski Town Throwdown, as the number one ski town in North America? That is something we should all be proud of.

Crested Butte will continue to grow. We will continue to receive attention from the world. There is always a fear of change; that is to be expected, but change is something we should celebrate. No matter what happens, the mountains will never lose their shape. The stars will always be within reach of the peak. Where else can you ride the lift with Waldo or take a free bus painted with aliens? Paradise can be shared with everyone. The hippies and the ski bums. The hard core athletes, even the part time home owners. The rambunctious Western students, the old timers. And the new timers.


Paradise Divide

I graduated from CBCS in 2012, with a class of 28. Now, as a college student with a knack for traveling, I’m not home as much as I used to be, in fact I’ll be leaving this week. I’ll miss Crested Butte, but sometimes the best part about being away is coming back again. Every time I come back, I find that something has changed. I’m not worried, because I know that every time I return, when I pass Red Mountain and drive into the valley with the Paradise Divide opening like magic in front of me, I’m home. This is paradise and it’s not going anywhere.

Blogger: Skylar Kraatz

Throwback Thursday from CBMR


Can you guess what year this picture was taken?  

It was 50 years ago, 1964! The Silver Queen Gondola had been open for one year – and as the only Italian gondola in Colorado it was a pretty big deal. When it first opened in 1963, the gondola was blessed by a Catholic priest from Gunnison, Father Leo McKenna, who blessed it with holy water and said a prayer. Three eager skiers jumped in the first car, which lurched forward then came to a halt. The Silver Queen Gondola broke before the first car had even made it out of the terminal! A dejected Father McKenna left the scene only to slip on ice in the parking lot and fracture his kneecap. Needless to say, The Silver Queen Gondola was off to a rough start. Even after it was up and running, it was known to have frequent collisions when the wind picked up.

 53 years have passed since Crested Butte Mountain Resort opened in 1961, and no doubt a lot has changed since then!  The infamous Silver Queen Gondola has since been replaced by a high speed quad and runs smoothly, but if you feel like taking a ride into the past, check out our old school double seaters: Twister Lift, built in 1969, or the Teocalli lift, from 1979. In honor of TBT, here are some more awesome photos of CBMR over the years.


Crested Butte Mountain Resort Base Area, 1960’s


Looks pretty 80’s, right?


Powder Skiing in 1968


Warming House Hill in the ‘80’s.


Base Area in 1961. Can you spot the T-Bar? 

Come see what Crested Butte Mountain Resort looks like today, go to for details.

Blogger: Skylar Kraatz

Our Top 15 Summer Instagram Photos (So Far)

Slowly, the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting colder. We are already half way through August! Where oh where did the time go? But don’t let go of that sunny state of mind quite yet – check out our top 15 Instagram photos of this summer (so far!)


June 22: #officialsummer, more sunshine! This little #wildflower is going to use the longer days to grow. How are you going to use your longer days? Photo: @chris_segal

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The melting snow gave way to purple lupine on the first official day of summer this year, a preview of an awesome summer to come!

14. image

June 24: This guy’s helping us break in the new #DH trail #bike #downhill #deer #buck #antlers Photo: @chris_segal

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As our team cleared the way for Captain Jack, our newest bike train in the Evolution Bike Park, they met some unlikely friends along the way. There is still have a chance to see some amazing wildlife while riding on Mt. CB! Check out for all things biking.

13. image

August 3: #northmaroon peak from the #trail401 climb #bike #mtb #cbcolors #views #maroonbells Photo: @chris_segal

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This is Colorado summer at its best! The iconic 401 bike trail brings riders through the wildflowers and past amazing views – North Maroon Peak of the Maroon Bells!

12. image

June 8: Snow in June means more wildflowers in July, right?!? #guaranteed

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A little snow in June never hurt anyone. The ‘Mother Rock’ was still looking frosty as we kicked off summer. We are hoping for another great snow year – they come in twos, right?

11. image

June 17: With #love from #crestedbutte

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We are literally living in a post card! Our valley was glowing on the evening of June 17th, with Paradise Divide splitting the horizon for a classic mountain sunset!

10. image

July 18: An afternoon stroll by Gothic sure makes for a happy Friday!

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The iconic rock walls of Gothic Mountain still had snow on July 18th!

9. image

June 7: #blooming in the #butte! The season’s snow was plentiful and sweet; the wise have said, ‘#beautiful winter showers bring beautiful #wildflowers.’

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Throwback to when Teocalli was still covered! The snow has since melted, giving way to some rad trails! The Teocalli Ridge trail reopened this spring, so don’t miss out on those amazing views!

8. image

July 18: #PeakPhotoFriday The view from Gothic back down valley. #sunset #colorado Thanks to Mikey Curran for the rad shot!

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Shout out to Mikey Curran, from up in the town of Gothic, home to those crazy RMBL-ers (Rocky Mountain Biological Lab) for submitting this photo! With over 500 likes, it makes the cut for our Instagram Hall of Fame.

7. image

July 25: #peakphotofriday: this #AWESOME image of #lightning over #crestedbuttemountain was captured by @lsternmedia #purpleskys #ominous #spooky

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We love playing in the sun, but this is cool too. Monsoon season always brings with it some insane rain storms! Just remember to get off the peak when the sky turns purple!

6. image

July 8: Still slightly gracing us with her presence, thanks Miss Rainbow. #crestedbutte #cbcolors #rainbow

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It looks like Elk Avenue is the treasure at the end of the rainbow! Classic summer evening in Crested Butte.

5. image

June 8: Today is the first day for the #CrestedButte #farmersmarket! See you on #ElkAve in downtown #CB Photo: @chris_segal

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There is nothing better than our historical main street to remind us of our mining days. “The Old West is not a certain place in a certain time, it’s a state of mind. It’s whatever you want it to be.”

4. image

June 28: It’s a great day for a ride on the Silver Queen!

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The lifts are still running! Come up to Mt. CB to get a day pass and majestic views of the valley and mountains. Go to  for more information.

3. image

July 11: #Monsoon season has begun in #crestedbutte. Time for sweet sweet afternoon showers, rainbows, and #lightning!

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This is an epic picture! The beauty of Whetstone Mountain can only be described as ‘electrifying’!

2. image

July 12: It’s #rainbowseason too! We get #rainbows after our #monsoons, and we get a lot of them #cbcolors #coloradocameraclub #coloradical #colorado Photo: @chris_segal

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Stunning rainbow over West Wall! It is almost like Never Never Land. Check out our rainbow wall on Pinterest!

1. image

August 5: The #rainbow last night was #surreal! #rainbowbubble #crestedbutte #cbcolors #colorfulcolorado #colorado #lightrays Photo: @chris_segal

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It is truly amazing, this place we live in, the best place on earth! There is a reason people call this paradise. ‘Nuff said.

Summer is not over yet! Look forward to more photos, and check out to see them all.

Blogger: Skylar Kraatz

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