Evolution Bike Park Opening Weekend Approaches

By Christian Robertson, Evolution Bike Park Managerimage

42 hours and counting until the lift fires up and the Evolution Bike Park is up and running for the 2013 season.  I have been counting it down since the lifts shut down in April.  Like most Colorado riders, as soon as I put my snow sliding device away, I am ready to be riding trails.  Also like many of my mountain town comrades I made the annual spring time missions Fruita, Moab, and Cortez in hopes of escaping the frustrating weather of the mountains in the May.  This year the stars aligned for me and I found dry trails, warm temps, and minimal wind during these excursions.  Every mile of trail I rolled over just got me more excited for the Bike Park season to begin. 

May involves a lot of planning and a lot of patience as we wait for the snow to retreat so our trail crew can get into the dirt.  We explore a lot of different combinations of four letter words as many days this year  we watched the snow continue to accumulate instead of transition into water.  It is true that we need every drop of moisture we can get but I am still incredibly anxious to start prepping trail for the season.  Mother Nature is probably laughing her ass off watching me stand at the base of the mountain with a shovel in my hand pouting about the size of the snowpiles still sitting in my way.  It only gets worse when I retreat to my office and see the opening day video from Whistler has posted.    

Then the switch is flipped. June arrives and the temp goes up quickly, the wind picks up, mud turns to dust and off we go.  Dig, remove rocks, rake, tamp, water, rake, tamp, water, rake, tamp, water and so on.  I make the predictable mistake of biting off too much for the time that is left and the whole crew is grinding to get the work done in time.  Now all the moisture that we were cursing in May we are begging for to return help get the new trail work to compact enough to keep from blowing away after constant pummeling form the train of Minion DHF’s that will be here in a couple days.  No rain in the forecast so drop the tire pressure a little and be prepared to demonstrate your drifting skills.  

So now we got 41.5 hours left and plenty to do.  We have some new trail to bring riders into the base.  Always a work in progress but the additional features will keep riders smiling.  I am psyched to see bikes with 200mm of travel and wide tires loading the lift.  The local shreds will have it pinned right out of the gate and I always like watching them charge down the hill.  The crew from Grassroots in GJ is headed our way and those guys know how to have a lot of fun without ever touching the brakes.  I have more than a few hours behind the rake and am ready to put on the full face and test out the product.  It’s going to be a little loose and dusty out there.  Just makes the beer taste better.